Rewards are automatically distributed to anyone holding a minimum amount of Maka tokens.
Each $MAKA holder is automatically eligible to receive BNB and/or BUSD from the reward pool. The contract will set aside a number of BNB tokens for the reward pool by using a portion of the tax levied on each transaction (11%).
After a certain amount of tokens are stored in the contract (0.0001% of the total supply) it initiates a swap. In this context, a swap is the process of exchanging the contract's token balance for BNBs in order to increase the reward pool and provide liquidity.
After the first time a holder receives $MAKA tokens, each holder is assigned a claim date (either through purchasing or receiving from someone else). Holders automatically receive their share of the $BNB pool on the claim date, thanks to the contract. The claim date advances to the future after they receive their reward, starting a new cycle.
The base duration of the cycle is set to 24 hours. See the section on why we are doing 24 hours.
The amount of $BNB available from the reward pool is determined by the following factors:
  1. 1.
    The amount of $MAKA a holder owns: If a holder owns 1% of the total available supply, they will be eligible for up to 1% of the total $BNB available in the reward pool.
  2. 2.
    The amount of $BNB in the reward pool: As more taxes are received from the contract, this increases, and as holders receive their share, it decreases.
Note: Holders must have at least 10,000,000 tokens in their wallet to be eligible for rewards. This may change as the price fluctuates.
On the official Maka website, holder can view information about their rewards (next collection date, total BNB collected, and so on).